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  • We hired Angela to help us get some much needed sleep with our 5 month old boy. She gave us a break during the nights and we had total confidence that our baby was well taken care of. We had the desire to sleep train but we wanted help to make it happen. She provided support and now our little guy is sleeping through the night. The sleep has been so important for all of us and I’m really happy we hired Angela to help. We’ll do it again with our next for sure! She’s very kind and knows what parents need! I’ve recommended her to multiple friends and I’m excited to have her nighttime support moving forward!
    – Kelsey O (March 2023)

  • We absolutely loved having Angela as our postpartum doula/night nurse. She instantly made us feel so comfortable and we knew she would be a great fit for our family. Angela was always willing to talk us through any questions or concerns we had and we always felt comfortable asking her anything we needed. She was so patient with us and made having her over so easy and comfortable. Angela was always willing to go above and beyond while we were sleeping and helped with anything needed around the house! We hired Angela twice a week and used her for about four months! Angela was always accommodating with our schedule and any changes or additional nights we needed. Angela sleep trained our baby at four months which worked wonders and because he was sleeping so well, we sadly stopped using her but will absolutely be using her for baby number two and recommending her to all of our friends! Thank you Angela! We miss you!
    – Lauren J (March 2023)

  • We had a wonderful experience working with Angela and her team! I worked with Angela, Chantel, and Melissa. Having postpartum support for my sleep while navigating newborn care again helped me have a much more smoother recovery, and allowed me to have the energy and space to enjoy this time much more than I could have if I were so sleep deprived. This support was so valuable to me mentally and physically. These ladies were so kind and professional and helped me feel less anxious and more comfortable having a night nanny in our home for the first time. They were so helpful with washing my pump, bottles, folding baby laundry, refilling the humidifier, and anything I needed for the baby. They were so flexible anytime I needed to adjust our schedule. Their support with sleep training was incredible too, I’ve never had a child sleep through the full night this early before! I strongly advocate for parents to have a postpartum night nanny, and for employer and insurance companies to offer benefits toward this support. It is truly a health support. Thank you so much Angela and team!
    – Cassie A (January 2023)

  • Angela was an absolute miracle for our family. I had a baby in April and was hit with the severe postpartum depression. Angela was so kind and loving. She worked with us to come up with a schedule and was flexible when we needed to be. Her communication is on point. She is clear about the plan we come up with and provided a report of how each night went. We love Angela and really enjoyed our time with her in our home.
    – Danielle W (August 2022)

  • Her service was invaluable. We hired her for the first week our newborn was home, and she helped me feel more rested, gave me time to heal my body, gave me company during those night feedings so I didn’t go crazy, and helped sleep cue my baby so she slept longer stretches. Would 100% hire her again! The other women on her team were also wonderful.
    – Lucy L (August 2022)

  • Angela has been a complete godsend to my family and I’m still thankful every day for her help. After moving here with no family and having 3 under 3 babies, working full time with no maternity leave, and a husband with odd full time work hours, Angela and her teammate Melissa have been absolute lifesavers. They provided sleep, breastfeeding help, love and much needed tlc for me and my babies. I want their help until the baby turns 18!
    – Michelle H. (June 2022)

  • Angela is truly the best. I call her the baby whisperer. We hired her to be our night nanny for the first 4 months after our baby was born. She was so good with him, and sleep trained him at 4 months. She was thoughtful and asked how things were going to always improve. She went above and beyond by helping clean pump parts and other similar chores. She’s also just kind and wonderful to be around. We’ve already told Angela we want her back for our next baby!
    – Allison B (May 2022)

  • We don’t have enough superlatives to describe how wonderful Angela is. You know it the first time you meet her that she is the right person to watch your infant. She is professional, personable, and such an expert in infant care. She started taking care of our first child the day we brought him home from the hospital. It was such a huge relief to have an expert mom watching over him. She provided guidance when asked for but was never pushy, was clearly very careful with COVID, and is just a wonderful person to get to know. My wife and I both would look forward to her arrival just to chat and check-in. We have had friends who have had very different experiences with night nanny/doulas and feel incredibly lucky to have found Angela. We absolutely won’t consider using anyone else for our next child. You could not find a better night nanny.
    – Zach K (March 2021)

  • Angela is amazing. Super dependable and knowledgeable in addition to trustworthy. She provided overnight care for our infant son and we and our son always enjoyed having her here. Would hire again.
    – Jeremy F (August 2020)

  • Angela is incredibly warm and professional. We loved working with her and would highly recommend her services. She took wonderful care of our newborn baby at night from the very beginning and helped her to get on a schedule and routine.
    – Chrissy (May 2019)

  • Angela is incredible! We hired her as our night nanny for our first child. Beyond offering a full night of sleep, which is priceless for new parents, Angela was also a wealth of baby knowledge, an amazing support system and a great friend to us and our daughter. We were comfortable having her spend the night in our house right away, she was amazingly punctual, and she was flexible with her hours so we could even enjoy a date night once in a while. We recommend her wholeheartedly. She is the absolute best!
    – Alexis C (January 2019)
  • We hired Angela to be our nighttime nanny. It is our first child and so we are naïve and worried new parents. My husband was also nervous about having a relative stranger in our home. We just clicked with Angela immediately! She makes you feel so comfortable, and you don’t feel like you have to walk on egg shells in your own home. She is excellent with our newborn and was so helpful to me teaching me about baby stuff. She really extends herself to be as useful as possible. She will do a load of laundry for us at night if we want. I can’t recommend her enough! It was a blessing we found her.
    – Stephanie F (March 2018)

  • We had Ang work with us for 3 months so we could get some rest once our baby came home from the hospital. Our daughter was sent home with a trach and Ang made it so we could feel confident and comfortable that our baby was getting the best care and watch so we could finally sleep. Ang is very aware of the baby’s needs and even the parent’s needs. She goes above and beyond to make sure everyone feels comfortable and has vast medical background so you can ensure you are in good hands.
    – Kristen M (May 2017)

  • I’ve hired Angela on several different occasions. Our son was born 7 weeks early and at the time, we needed someone we could trust to take care of our son and his many needs due to being a preemie. I knew Angela would be a great fit as soon as I met her and she proved to be a fantastic nanny for our son when we needed someone. She was always available on short notice which is hard to find! I highly recommend Angela for day or nighttime nannying!
    – Krista C (May 2017)

  • Angela was creative, positive, energetic, and incredibly knowledgeable. As a first-time mom I appreciated those qualities so much! We couldn’t have gotten through last year without her!
    – Christina S (April 2017)


  • Hiring Angela and her team was the best decision we made after the arrival of our twin boys! Angela is extremely communicative and reliable, warm, and friendly and genuinely passionate about infant care and the postpartum experience. She always made us feel like we were her priority. She would check in with me periodically before the twins were born and on days between shifts just to see how we were holding up. We ended up working with multiple people on her team over the course of 2 months and Melissa was fantastic. We were the first family of twins that Melissa had cared for but you would never know it! I always felt like they were in great hands when I went to bed for the evening. As experienced moms, these women are a wealth of knowledge, yet they were always respectful of what our preferences were for feeding and caring for the twins. I would HIGHLY recommend Angela and her team if you are looking for overnight help in the SLC area!
    – Maggie L (July 2022)

  • I agree with the other reviewers: I don’t have enough kind words to express how great Angela was! She helped us with our twin boys 3-4 nights a week for 4 months, starting at 1 week old. She saved our sanity. She’s flexible, punctual, friendly, genuine and a great friend to have a conversation with. She’ll totally flex to your needs. I spent at least a month nursing 2x at night and would look forward to waking up to nurse just to spend the time chatting with Angela. Maternity leave and new mom-hood can be lonely, Angela really helped us through it emotionally and physically by caring for the kiddos.
    – Becca L (December 2021)

  • Angela is AMAZING. She is a wonderful caregiver and also had one of the best personalities you’ll ever meet. She helped us in the evenings for the first month after our twins were born, and she helped our transition immensely. She cuddled and diapered our newborns in between feedings and then, when I came into the nursery to breastfeed, she was just lovely to talk to. I love Angela and highly recommend her!
    – Laura N (February 2018)

  • Angela is genuine and truly the best person ever. It has literally been impossible to find someone better. I knew from the second I met her in my home that we would be hiring her. No need to search any further. She makes you feel comfortable and well supported. She asks a lot of questions to make sure she is doing what you want and to make sure she understands you. She is fun, supportive, skilled, and trustworthy. She communicates better than anyone I know and has become one of my good friends. I can’t say enough good things about her! She has wonderful colleagues as well that I also enjoyed having help me! Sleep is precious, and so are excellent people. Everyone needs an Angela.
    – Robin H (January 2018)