About Angela

I am an experienced postpartum doula (night nanny), specializing in infant night care. My passion focuses on offering a smooth transition into life with a newborn by providing opportunities for mom/dad to sleep through the night while I care for baby. I have been a mom since 2003 and understand the joys and frustrations of taking care of an infant with limited sleep. I am a previously certified Advanced EMT, certified BLS (Basic Life Support) Provider, and UDA (Utah Doula Association) member. I’m conscious of your baby’s health and am current on ALL vaccines, and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Special Qualifications…

In addition to my own 2 sons, I have delivered twins and two singletons as a surrogate over the past 9 years. These specific qualifications and life experiences have made my services as a postpartum doula even more integral and meaningful. I look forward to meeting you and your little one!

“My wife and I both would look forward to her arrival just to chat and check-in. We have had friends who have had very different experiences with night nanny/doulas and feel incredibly lucky to have found Angela. We absolutely won’t consider using anyone else for our next child. You could not find a better night nanny.”

Zach K   •   March 2021

More of Angela…

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