“The Baby Whisperer”

“Angela is truly the best. I call her the baby whisperer. We hired her to be our night nanny for the first 4 months after our baby was born. She was so good with him, and sleep trained him at 4 months. She was thoughtful and asked how things were going to always improve. She went above and beyond by helping clean pump parts and other similar chores. She’s also just kind and wonderful to be around. We’ve already told Angela we want her back for our next baby!”

Allison B   •   August 2022

All pictures used with parental permission

Invaluable Service

“Her service was invaluable. We hired her for the first week our newborn was home, and she helped me feel more rested, gave me time to heal my body, gave me company during those night feedings so I didn’t go crazy, and helped sleep cue my baby so she slept longer stretches. Would 100% hire her again! The other women on her team were also wonderful.”

Lucy L   •   August 2022